AOC Airplanes 


The benefits of private flying at a transparent price. A Flying card is a flexible solution for frequent travelers who appreciate efficient and comfortable travel without financial investment in an aircraft.

Your choice to fly privately is subject to emotional, practical and budgetary influences. It is important to find the right people. With many years of aviation experience, we are your ideal partner for complex aviation issues. With you we analyse your specific situation and offer you the best solution.

Our specialties:

Here we also have to offer types aircraft ( Ratings and so on ).
This will then need to be followed by further study on a type rating course taken at an approved Centre. ( For instance B747-400 type rating ) and then practical experience on type to gain company approvals

  • Purchase of a plane

you would like to buy an aircraft, but where to start? We are here to guide you step by step to acquire your own aircraft For instance:

  • Finding suitable aircrafts for you
  • Make test flights
  • Discuss ways to finance the aircraft
  • In which country to register the aircraft?
  • New or a used aircraft?
  • Finding suitable pilots
  • Training
  • Legal counsel
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance & engineering
  • Shared ownership
  • Aircraft Lease
  • Military Jobs
  • Aircraft Charter
  • Maintenance Base Jobs
  • Helicopter flights throughout the world