MPL (Multi-crew Pilot License)

ALSIM ALX Flight Simulator

This new simulator enables MCC courses in a flight model which, has many features of the Airbus A320 and Boeing 747, most series.

The first stage of theoretical training takes 15 weeks, 12 weeks of classroom then a week of assisted study. These thoroughly prepare you for the first 7 ATPL examinations you will sit during week 15.

After a short break, you complete the second 11 weeks stage, 8 weeks of classroom tuition followed by the remaining 7 ATPL examinations.

All ATPL ground examinations are undertaken at an official CAA Testing Centre. These training modules and examinations combined with the 14 ATPL ground examinations already completed provide you with some of the credits you require to complete the degree.

Listed below are the subjects for each stage of ATPL ground training:

Stage one subject

  • Principles of Flight
  • Aircraft General Knowledge – Systems
  • Aircraft General Knowledge – Instrumentation
  • Human Performance
  • Meteorology
  • VFR Communications
  • IFR Communications

Stage two subject

  • General Navigation
  • Radio Navigation
  • Flight Planning
  • Aircraft performance
  • Mass & Balance
  • Operational procedures
  • Air Law

First Officer Fundamentals – Airline Awareness

Following completion of the Core Phase, you will undertake modules 2 of First Officer Fundamentals focusing on Airline Awareness. The module covers:

  • Air Low First Officer
  • Responsibilities Crew
  • Resource Management and other key team members within an airline
  • Communication skills within a team Airline economics
  • Environmental consideration
  • Eco – Pilot training

First Officer Fundamentals – Flight Safety

Before commencing your flight training, you will complete a one – week Flight Safety Fundamentals Modules which includes essential training in:

  • Air Low First Officer
  • Flight safety and quality systems
  • Communication and team skills Dealing with conflict and conflict resolution
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Operations and training manuals
  • Performance calculations
  • Stabilized approach

The MPL Flight Training syllabus is divided into four primaries with phases with modules two of First Officer Fundamentals integrated between phase 1 and 2.

Phase 1 – Core Phase

The core phase involves a total of 90 hours of basic flying training conducted at our Training Centers. By the end of this phase, you will have completed the following:

  • Flight safety and quality systems
  • 75 Hours of Single Engine Dual and Solo Flight Training In EFIS “Glass Cockpit” Single Engine Aircraft
  • 5 Hours of Multi-Engine Dual Flight Training in Piper Seneca V Aircraft
  • 5 Hours of Training in a Flight Navigation Procedures Trainer (FNPTI)
  • 5 Hours of Upset Recovery Training in a Zlin 242L Aircraft

During this training phase, you will complete additional training modules and examinations towards your degree.

Phase2 – basic Phase:

training The 90-hourse phase delivered at the academy introduces you to applied full day/night all-weather visual system. Systems management, crew instrument flying in a multi-crew CRJ-200 FNPT II simulator.

Phase 3 – Intermediate Phase:

Phase 3 will be delivered at Training Centre and will comprise of A320 Type Technical Training followed by 22 hours in an Airbus A320 full flight simulator using an airline Advanced instrument flight training, emergency situations, CRM, TEM, high altitude flight and emergency descents are all covered in this phase.

Phase 4 – Advanced Phase:

The advanced phase will involve a further 44 hours of training conducted an Airbus A320 full flight simulator at Training Centre. You will then undergo a License skills test to complete this phase.

The next steps…

Safety Equipment Procedures (SEP) Training with an airline
Aircraft Base Training – Comprising of 12 take- offs and landings in an airbus A320 aircraft At this point, you will qualify for your MPL with A320 Type Rating issued by the CAA. With your MPL, you will join an airline to commence Line Training with airline’s own A320 Training Captains. The line training phase concludes with a line proficiency check conducted by the airline Type Rating Examiner (TRE).