Air works


With our experience and proper equipment, we offer the best quality for filming in all categories. In the past we have produced and taken part in many commercials, TV series, and movies. With all of our experience, you are guaranteed to have the best film as possible.

Panoramic and Aerial filming are also not a problem for us. Our helicopters are also available for:

  • Aerial Filming
  • Panoramic Filming
  • Filming


Camera systems and mounts:

  • 1 Cineplex V14HD
  • 2 Middle mounts
  • 1 Nose mount
  • 1 Skid mount


Enjoy the sightseeing experience in a modern Turbine helicopter as it whisks you away into the beautiful local regions.

You can also book our helicopters for a private sightseeing tour with at least 4 persons or more.

Helicopter Powerline Inspections

Having worked with power companies for many years, we are an established specialist in overhead line surveys powerline/pipeline construction and inspections. We provide a range of services for power companies throughout the world. Utilizing both our R44 and Jet Ranger helicopters we have the best available combination of helicopter sizes to help with the construction of any powerlines and pipelines. We are able to move personnel and perform light preparation and construction with R44 and the Jet Ranger, and then locate large poles and pipes and other items up to 1.8 T with the EC 135. The experience and expertise of our team in this area is well recognized within the industry.

Helicopter Gas Pipe Inspection

The monitoring and inspection of the national (and international) natural gas pipeline network is critical to individual homes as well as large industry. Aerial survey of these networks using laser devices allow for the prevention of large scale waste and potential hazardous conditions to our natural atmosphere.