Cabin Crew Training Course

Training Course:

We offer high quality initial training EASA approved course. Our Cabin Crew course is designed in association with leading airlines and a close collaboration with these airlines mostly ensures a Cabin Crew job upon completion of the course. Our management and training staff are exceptionally well-qualified airline personnel with extensive management experience in the training departments of major airlines.

Course selection criteria:

  • At least 20 years of age.
  • Fluent in English (other languages depending on the airline and country of employment.)
  • Able to swim 100 m.
  • Able to pass medical examination
  • Able to pass criminal record and suitability check.
  • No visible tattoos, piercings or tooth jewellery.
  • Weight in proportion to height.
  • Secondary school graduate or other intermediate grade degree.
  • Friendly and customer service oriented.
  • Good interactional skills.
  • No previous experience as cabin crew is required.

The course consists of theoretical and practical training:


  • Discipline and Responsibilities
  • Aircraft Ground School
  • Passenger Handling - Crowd Control - Communication
  • Meteorology
  • Fire and smoke training
  • Water survival training
  • Aero-Medical aspects and first aid
  • Initial Human Factors and Crew resource management (CRM)
  • Dangerous Goods Regulations Training (DGR)
  • Safety and Security Procedures
  • Grooming and Service Training


  • Fire Drill incl. Real Fire and Smoke
  • Swimming test in a swimming pool
  • Water survival training in a swimming pool
  • Oxygen administration to patients

Modes of study:

The theoretical training is conducted in a classroom. The methods include classroom instruction and practical training. The cabin crew member candidates must be able to pass tests with at least 80% correct answer. English is commonly used as documentation language, as it is the language used within aviation.

Course duration

safety and Inflight + commercial = 2months